ARFF International Judging Team

Around Films is a network-based film collective that gathers our international colleagues all Around. Alongside the aim of creating a custom approach, ARFF International selects the best filmmakers through the annual festivals to associate with the related edition to enhance the collective consciousness in the world. Regarding the Senior system, all the Filmmakers & Team Members have a chance to be a Finalist, Winner, ARFF Resident, Collective Member, and Film Judge step by step in years to keep the equality of our organization and we will be happy to expand 

The Around Films Family together.

We appreciate the voluntary participation of all the unique creators by heart.

Katherine Castro

Award winning Dominican Republic-born actress Katherine Castro is making waves with her diverse background, talent, and passion. Hollywood FAME award winner for ‘International Breakthrough Artist of the Year’, Katherine has had an empowering journey from TV host and actress to producer. SOMEDAY, a short film Castro Co-wrote, produced and starred in reached over 30 festivals worldwide.

Harley Wallen

A prolific Swedish filmmaker who has starred in over 40 feature films and directed a dozen, many of which have won ARFF international awards. He is also a husband, father of 5, and a retired professional MMA fighter. So, better not to mess Around with him! We are proud to welcome him as a juror to the ARFF international Senior System.

Sonalii Castillo

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in France, she studied in Europe at first and then moved to NY. Sonalii Castillo keeps pushing the boundaries of acting and storytelling besides her modeling career. In light of her significant experience, Around Films appreciates her voluntary participation in the ARFF international Judgement Team!

Michael B. Katz

Michael B. Katz is both an actor and a lawyer who operates an entertainment law firm located in various cities in Florida – United States, as well as ”Around the World”. Michael brings some much appreciated lawyerly seriousness to ARFF. Whatever tomorrow brings with the waves, we are safe & sound!

Libby Munro

Libby is an Australian actress and writer who has won multiple awards for her stage work with Queensland Theatre, Melbourne Theatre company, Sydney Theatre Company and The Ensemble theatre. Munro has also starred in international films that have screened around the world such as ‘Eight’ and wrote and starred in award winning short film ‘The Hunted’.

Billie Rae Bigsby

A director of unique & experimental events, which she has hosted Around the world in great cities such as London, Berlin, New York, Shanghai and Dubai. One of the two creators of Bad Bruises, the wicked mind of Overmorrow and the creative queen of ”House of Red Doors”. Her unique vision is drenched with art, sex, theatre and music is illuminating us for the experimental creations.

Iliona Blanc

Iliona’s storytelling is strongly inspired by European filmmaking, culture and fashion. Her music video work is visually stimulating, provocative and edgy. The characters exhibit surprising depth for a music video, showcasing complexity, power, vulnerability and strength. Most of the work is narrative, verging on a short film in a music video format. She has styled numerous videos from top to bottom, and most recently for an artist on Billboard’s Top 50.

Summa Cilem

A ”multi disciplinary” artist working in both film & photography. Besides her self curated shows and photographic work has been published in French Fries Magazine, HART Magazine, 7 Hues Magazine, Velonte Magazine, The Rebel, Elegant & Picton Magazines, her works have won multiple awards, inter alia at the LA creature contest, and the 2019 The great Art Lake Film Fest, the European Film Festival.

Federico Alotto

A musician who has travelled from France to Israel, from Holland to the USA, and more. As an independent writer/director he has accrued multiple international awards and received praise from film festivals, press, critics, and industry experts. In 2020 he wrote and directed the feature action film “Karim” produced by Rai Cinema, starring Mohamed Zouaoui, Valentina Cervi and Stella Egitto.

Andrea Zirio

Works in theater and film, where he has starred in productions around the world. Andrea Zirio is known for “Ulysses – A Dark Odyssey” (2016) alongside Danny Glover and Udo Kier, “Richard the Lionheart” (2013), “Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion” (2014) alongside Malcm McDowell, “L’uomo col cappello” (2013), “Lost in Florence” (2015) alongside Brett Dalton, and “Venuto al mondo” (2012) alongside Penelope Cruz.

Yuri + Ana

Yuri is a brazilian/portuguese director of photography. Ana is a brazilian photographer.Working together for 11 years, the duo have shot for brands including L’Oréal, Adidas, Avon, Natura, Osklen, Riachuelo, Bottletop, and collaborated with magazines such as GQ, Vogue, Glamor, L’Officiel, Elle and Instyle. Their short films and music videos have been selected for 32 festivals Around the world, including ARFF. As a creative couple and jurors duo, ARFF International appreciates their unique energy reflected on us and also all Around the Universe.

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