🏆 ARFF International & WSXA Trophies // 10th Year Exclusive 🏆

***** Available only for The Officially Selected Filmmakers *****

Finalists, Winners, Fest Regards & Honorable Mentions

Surrounded with 10 Laurel Wreath by the Unification Program of WSXA & ARFF International.

– Bridging Borders, Empowering Humanity –

From cultural exchange to technological advancements, the path to global unification is paved with compassion, empathy, and a recognition that our destinies are intertwined. Together, we rise above divisions, honoring our creativity while forging the unity of

ARFF & WSXA that transcends borders with Fest Regards.

Based On a True Story.

Official Certificate Holders and Multiple City & Category Selected filmmakers, have the privilege to use their Trophy Voucher during the entire year.
Please feel free to Claim your Trophy by emailing us:

ARFF Filmmakers: press@aroundfilms.com

WSXA Filmmakers: wsxa@aroundfilms.com

With the related information below:
* Film Title(s) * * Selection Year & (ARFF or WSXA City) * 
* Director’s Name * * Selection Platform * 
* Address & Telephone * 


The Festival will design with your approval prior to engraving it on the statuette.

A Selection of Fest Regards Global Network Members in years, Listed below proudly:

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