Elly Cho

Elly Cho’s work has been exhibited around the world and has received numerous awards. Her art explores the intersection between nature, the environment and human behavior, cross various mediums including painting, mixed media, video and performance art.

 Cho’s approach to art making, is largely inspired by the relationship between nature, environment and the viewer’s perception to nature based on their personal history.  She approachs the subject matter of cultural landscapes in narrative form, and these narratives often relate to her own life experiences and memories. In her video work, she has used familiar landscapes that stimulate viewers to engage with an imaginative response.

Cho’s awards include Sunny Art Prize in London, Award Winner of The Best Experimental Film, Best Silent Film, Best Dance Choreography Film, and Best Director at Cannes World Film Festival, Berlin Shorts, New York International Film Awards, ARFF Barcelona /Around International Film Festival, Oniros Film Awards, Best Actor& Director Awards New York among others. Her work has screened at film festivals such as ‘AVIFF’ Cannes Art Film Festival and Asia Film Art International Film Festival in Hong Kong and “Times Square Midnight Moment” in New York. Her residency participation includes the 3-D Sculpture Park artist residency program in Switzerland and AHL Foundation Residency in New York.

Cho’s works are featured in major collections such as Seoul Municipal Museum and Musée Cantonale des Beaux-Arts du Valais in Switzerland, and in  such as ‘Nature’s Tempo’ at the Korean Cultural Services of New York, and ‘Going Green’ in conjunction with Queens Art Express in New York.  She is passionate about performance art, projects include ‘Sounds of Fragment: Ecological Dreams’ at the Nam June Park Art Center and Seoul Innovation Park.

Cho was born in and resides in Seoul, Korea, but was educated in Switzerland, UK and USA.  She holds a BA and MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art in London and an MA in Art Education from Columbia University, by which she recently was honored with the Teacher’s College Medal for Distinguished Service. After obtaining her MFA, she taught visual art courses as well as theory at universities in Korea.

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