Fay Nass & Diana Garcia Hernandez

Fay Nass

Fay Nass is a community-engaged director, writer, dramaturg, innovator, producer and educator. Fay is The Artistic Director of the frank theatre company.
Fay has over fifteen years of experience in text-based and devised work deeply rooted in inter-cultural and collaborative approaches. Her work often examines questions of race, gender, sexuality, culture and language through an intersectional lens in order to shift meanings and de-construct paradigms rooted in our society. Her work celebrates liminality and transculturalism and blurs the line between politics and intimate personal stories.
Fay has extensive experiences as an educator and cultural consultant. Her pedagogy is rooted in anti-racism and anti-oppression. She was the curator and cultural consultant and curator of the artist residencies with NVRC in 2019. Fay has been a passionate advocate and educator for equity, inclusion and diversity. Some of her initiatives and processes had a direct impact on Vancouver theater ecology and have opened up new possibilities for marginalized and racialized bodies.

Diana Garcia Hernandez

Born in Valencia (Spain), Diana moved to Canada in 2013. Diana holds a BA in Education and Education Psychology, as well as a Masters in Applied Spanish Linguistics. She has recently gained a certificate in Social Impact Strategy from University of Pennsylvania. She currently works in the NorthVan School District. She’s been published on different occasions in the Spanish Professional Teaching Magazine “Publicaciones Didácticas”. She’s presented at several educational conferences, including: The Better to Eat You With, which was presented at “Fairy Tale Psychoanalysis Conference” in Spain, based on Bruno Bettelheim. Diana is interested in the power of language in Dramatic Arts and explores the playfulness of language and its potential to trouble codes of linguistic semiotics. She is interested in multilingual plays and how language can shift our perception. Diana is currently collaborating in The Cafe, which will be presented at Push International Performing Arts Festival in January 2022.

Diana worked as an Education Consultant for the United Nations from October 2019 to February 2020, providing direction and guidance to EU members in the planning, development and implementation of teachers formative training in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She designed a Master’s program for teachers to study the essential competencies, skills and multidisciplinary knowledge to become globally responsible sustainable managers in their respective schools. The program needs to be accompanied by software that is being developed and will be offered in the University of Malaga, Spain. 

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