Phantoms of the sea – dir. Andrey Arutyunov

Original Film Title: Phantoms of the sea

Director’s Name: Andrey Arutyunov

Writer’s Name: Andrey Arutyunov

Producer: Artur Veeber

Country of Origin: Estonia, Uzbekistan

Country of Filming: Estonia, Uzbekistan

Language: Uzbek

Runtime: 1 hour 24 minutes

Film Description:

A trilogy of short stories connected by the events of the departure of the Aral Sea.
The sea has gone without a trace. Where the waves once splashed, the bottom was exposed and cracked from the mercilessly scorching sun. But even now people live here. The old fisherman, trying to escape from himself, drags out his existence with an eye on the memories of his past life with the hope that the sea will return. Phantoms of the past and the present arise in his mind, which torment the Old Man with the main question, is it possible to save the sea?

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