Enclosed – dir. Yi Yang

Original Film Title: Enclosed

Director’s Name: Yi Yang

Writer’s Name: Yi Yang

Producer’s Name: Jialiman Sun

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English, Spanish

Runtime: 18 minutes 47 seconds

Film Description:

On a dry shining day, the bu father is out of home, Julio, a 14-year-old precocious boy, could no longer contain himself to longing for an echo of affection from April, the cleaning lady who comes to his home every week. Everything is seemingly peaceful, yet the emotion, restlessness, and epinephrine are rising as their eye contacts impending something to happen in the noisy sound of the vacuum cleaner working. However, this young boy doesn’t know what to do. He hides back in his bedroom and plays with the puzzle with the pattern of Oedipus, expecting April to come in. She does, following the housework routine but in a mood of repression, and does not notice and understand the puzzles’ message, which is an obscure love letter speaking for Julio. Coming back and forth from the laundry room, April, having the bruise on her wrist caused by her boyfriend, reminisces about the domestic violence scene and cannot suppress her feelings anymore. She wants to abreact her grievances and transfer them to the boy when he takes the courage to kiss and hug her. After a tender but baffling “intimacy” between them, April leaves the scene right away but comes across the father arriving home unexpectedly early. Julio hasn’t recovered from this first-time experience and doesn’t notice this life-changing moment. He stands there listening to the two adults talking, confused and being ignored as always.

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