The Breakfast – dir. Varunagini

Original Film Title: The Breakfest

English Film Title: The Breakfest

Directors Name: Varunagini

Writers Name: Mk Mani, Varunagini

Producers: Varunagini

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: India

Language: Tamil

Runtime: 14 minutes 51 secondsFilm Description: Ganesh, a respected politician, and his wife Saritha are having breakfast together. Saritha has just returned from a trip, so Ganesh has prepared her favorite dish. While they are eating, Ganesh tells Saritha about all the things that happened during her absence. But she doesn’t seem to listen. Something is bothering her. Saritha asks her husband a question. From this point on, the conversation turns into a revelation of the darkest secrets of their lives.

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