Khamid & Zulfiya – dir. Ruslan Saliev

Original Film Title: Хамид и Зульфия

English Film Title: Khamid & Zulfiya

Directors Name: Ruslan Saliev

Writers Name: Ruslan Saliev

Producer: Sherzod Umarov

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Country of Filming: Uzbekistan

Language: Uzbek

Runtime: 50 minutes

Film Description: 

Khamid & Zulfiya is a film which describes a lifetime, poetry art and love relationship between two of the most famous Uzbek poets of 20th century of Uzbekistan, Khamid Alimdjan & Zulfiya. After the horrible death of Khamid by car accident Zulfiya stayed loyal to her husband devoting her life to his legacy. It is a story of talent, women’s empowerment, struggle and unconditional love.

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