Cheat – dir. Yeo Joon Han, Boris Kalaidjiev

Original Film Title: Cheat

Directors Name: Yeo Joon Han, Boris Kalaidjiev

Writers Name: Yeo Joon Han

Producer: Guo Mingxiang

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Country of Filming: Malaysia

Language: Chinese, English

Runtime: 20 min

Film Description: 

A woman tries to help a man overcome his suicidal thoughts by telling him her grandmother story.

This story is based on a period in joon Han’s life when he was seriously contemplating suicide. He found himself crying one day while staring at the trash in his kitchen. He started visiting clinics to collect sleeping pills. When he tried to call his friends for help, no one answered. Everyone was busy getting on with their lives. He’s surprised he’s still alive today.

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