Season of Aeon – dir. and DOP Kassandra Lim

Original Film Title: Season of Aeon

Directors Name: Kassandra Lim

Writers Name: Kassandra Lim

DOP: Kassandra Lim

Producer: Kassandra Lim

Country of Origin: Singapore

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime: 8 min 53 sec

Film Description: 

The worldʼs most valuable fashion brand LK stages the largest ever fashion show, a redefined season that will drift aboard an archive of the traditions of the endangered Indian Ajrakhpur block printing, unfolding a spectacle at a container port once in a decade. The very industrial mechanisms that have created disposable fashion seasons have been reengineered to celebrate and value traditional handcraft.

Once a decade, people chase after it like the Northern Lights.

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