Road to Hollywood Through Bollywood – dir. Oleg Blinov

Original Film Title: Road to Hollywood Through Bollywood 

Directors Name: Oleg Blinov

Writers Name: Oleg Blinov

Producer: Oleg Blinov, Terry Kaelber

Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Country of Filming: India, United States

Language: English, Russian

Runtime: 1h 10 min 55 sec

Film Description: 

Part documentary, part adventure film, and part cultural reflection, Road to Hollywood Through Bollywood is a story about a Russian actor who decides to conquer the world of cinema after his graduation from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts – starting with Bolllywood and moving on to Hollywood. He flies to India and begins his quest via motorcycle, train and on foot. He has but one aim – to become a Bollywood movie star. With little money, but much drive, he casts his fate to the wind. Will he find his way to Bollywood? What will happen when he gets to Hollywood? Will he succeed with his dream or succumb to the difficulties of being a stranger in foreign lands? A revealing portrait of youthful adventure, dreams and contrasting cultures.

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