Sapper Smith – dir. Vida Breze

Original Film Title: Sapper Smith

Directors Name: Vida Breze

Writers Name: Amanda C. Eberhardt, Emily Morales

Producer: Liza Jane Wiedemann, Emily Morales

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime: 14 min 26 sec

Film Description: 

At the outbreak of WWI, a young British journalist named DOROTHY LAWRENCE, yearns to experience the war firsthand as a reporter in the trenches. Dorothy travels to France as a freelance reporter where she meets two soldiers, TOM and BILL. She makes a daunting request to them — to help her reach the front lines by transforming her into a male soldier. Moved by her passion to serve, but aware of the risks at hand, they teach her how to look, walk, and talk like a man, and drill and march like a soldier. Soon, ‘Sapper Denis Smith’ is born, but Dorothy’s biggest test is yet to come. She leaves for the trenches and encounters a familiar face who may jeopardize her true identity. Will she make it past the army camp guards or will her true identity be discovered?

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