Chronicle of a Culture – dir. Linda Mikkelsen

Original Film Title: Chronicle of a Culture 

Directors Name: Linda Mikkelsen

Writers Name: Linda Mikkelsen

Producer: Linda Mikkelsen, Jaramba Owuor

Country of Origin:Kenya

Country of Filming: Kenya

Language: English

Runtime: 7 min 20 sec

Film Description: 

Chronicle of a Culture is a search for knowledge and wisdom in Luo culture. A culture which is practiced by few in Kenya nowadays. The viewer is invited into a different world from their own, where African voices are being heard through their testimonials in terms of what is important to them culturally. The film tries to understand the importance of heritage and the implications of the influence of modern western culture. Lastly, it tries to get a closer insight into the true origins of Luos’, who are said to have come from the north along the Nile River.

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